Empire of Agriculture

Explore the rich history of California agriculture in the Sacramento region.

Wednesdays 7:00PM

Take an in-depth look at our history, present, and future with ViewFinder. Each episode is a unique documentary look at our community, bringing unique voices and stories to the front and framing them in a larger perspective.

The ViewFinder series is sponsored by SAFE Credit Union.


ViewFinder: My Vietnam War Story - Veterans
My Vietnam War Story – Veterans
Meet local service members who spent time fighting in the Vietnam War.

My Vietnam War Story – Civilians and Refugees
Explore the stories of non-military individuals who were impacted by the Vietnam War.

Before the Fall - Prevention and Recovery
Before the Fall
Explore key factors that cause falling and ways to prevent falling or reduce risk.

The Boomer’s Guide to Growing Older
The Boomer’s Guide to Growing Older
Baby boomers are facing ever-increasing challenges.

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