Behavioral Health Agencies

Original airdate: 11/22/2019: The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies is an association of the organizations dedicated to providing mental health and substance use disorder programs and services to those in need across the state. In partnership with the

Treating Human Trafficking Victims

Original airdate: 11/15/2019: Dignity Health dicusses a new approach in providing education and training to healthcare providers in how to identify and treat victims of human trafficking. Dr. Ron Chambers and Jennifer Cox join host Scott Syphax.

The Sacramento Zoo

Original airdate: 11/08/2019: The Sacramento Zoo was founded in 1927. Executive Director Jason Jacobs joins host Scott Syphax to talk about the zoo and its future.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Sacramento Area

Original airdate: 09/27/2019. For more than 100 years nationally, Big Brothers Big Sisters has created and supported one-to-one mentoring relationships with youths ​​who come from predominantly low-income and single-parent families. CEO Reese Scherber and Board Chair Sean Filippini join host

Women in Politics

Original airdate: 09/20/2019. The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1919 provided women the right to vote. In celebration of 100 years of the amendment, Heather Fargo from the Capital Women’s Campaign and Diana Madoshi from the National Women’s

State of Charter Schools

Original airdate: 08/23/2019. The ability for parents to choose the path for their children’s education continues the conversation on charter versus public schools. Margaret Fortune sits down with host Scott Syphax in partnership with American Leadership Forum to discuss the

Next Generation of Physicians

Original airdate: 08/16/2019. A new generation of physicians are stepping forward with their own perspectives on the future of better wellness for patients. Dr. Maria Guadalupe Garnica Albor from UC Davis Health sits down with Host Scott Syphax to discuss

Ed Goldman

Original airdate: 8/9/2019. Columnist Ed Goldman has been interviewing the who’s who and the who might be of this region for almost 50 years. Ed sits down with host Scott Syphax to talk about his life, his career, and his

Robotic Surgery

Original airdate: 06/28/2019: Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. Doctors Bahareh Nejad and Mohamed Ali from UC Davis Health join host Scott Syphax to talk about the pioneering method and how it is used.

30 Years of the Sacramento News and Review

Original airdate: 06/21/2019: Jeff vonKaenel is the publisher of the Sacramento, Chico, and Reno News and Review alternative newspapers. The Sacramento News & Review is celebrating 30 years in business. He joins host Scott Syphax to talk about the state