The Youth Mental Health Crisis

The Youth Mental Health Crisis

​​Ken Burns’ film Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness takes us inside our country’s youth mental health crisis. Featured in the film are mental advocate Makalynn Powell and Dr. Tom Insel of Vanna Health. They join host Scott Syphax for a

A New Approach to Housing and Community

​Housing is always at the top of the agenda for our region and its future. Local entrepreneur and Unseen Heroes CEO Roshaun Davis joins host Scott Syphax for a conversation about a new approach to building housing and community.

Is Recession Inevitable?

Is Recession Inevitable?

Rising interest rates, war overseas, and inflation are contributing to declining consumer and business confidence in the economy. Is recession inevitable? Sanjay Varshney, the chief economist of the Sacramento Business Review, shares his insights with host Scott Syphax.

The Sacramento Bee Editorial Staff

​The Sacramento Bee is bringing fresh perspectives to its editorial pages by adding new members who are younger with different points of view. Some of these new editorial members – Yousef Baig, Robin Epley, and Hannah Holzer – join California

Back to School After the Pandemic

​Kids are back in school after the pandemic. But what are the long-term impacts on their learning? Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, 2022 Placer County Elementary Teacher of the Year Tiffany McGuire, and Visions in Education Superintendent Steve

American River Parkway Foundation

​Spanning 23 miles and 4,800 acres, the American River Parkway is an urban gem. While it provides nature and recreational opportunities to enjoy, it’s also a part of our region’s homelessness issue. American River Parkway Foundation Executive Director Dianna Poggetto

UC Davis Aggie Square

​What is UC Davis Aggie Square? Aggie Square is being called the biggest economic development investment in Sacramento in a generation and aspires to transform the university and the capital region. UC Davis Chancellor Gary May joins host Scott Syphax

Capital Stage and the Power of Theater

From humble beginnings on Old Sacramento’s Delta King, Capital Stage has gained a reputation for bold and thought-provoking theater that entertains and drives discussion. Capital Stage Artistic Director Michael Stevenson joins host Scott Syphax for a conversation about the power

2022 Economic Outlook

​For the first time in a generation, inflation is back, and everything seems more expensive than before. Economist Sanjay Varshney joins host Scott Syphax for a conversation about how our economy got to this point and where it might go

California’s State Capitol Annex Project

​Three opponents of California’s State Capitol Annex Project join host Scott Syphax to discuss why Sacramentans should care whether the building is restored and rehabilitated or torn down and replaced. Featuring representative Richard F. Cowan of Public Accountability for our