Congressman Dr. Ami Bera and Sacramento County health official Dr. Peter Beilenson join host Scott Syphax to talk about recent issues related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Original airdate: March 20, 2020.

River City Food Bank

Who is hungry in Sacramento might surprise you. Many of the people who seek help haven’t needed it until something unexpected happens. River City Food Bank helps many people through food distribution and assistance. Executive Director Amanda McCarthy and CalFresh

Sacramento’s Restaurant Scene

With the passings of Biba Caggiano and Lina Fat, Sacramento’s restaurant scene changed forever. Restaurateurs Terry Harvego and Patrick Mulvaney join host Scott Syphax to talk about their legacy and the future of the area’s restaurant scene.​ Original airdate: January

Sacramento’s Potential

The culture of Sacramento has changed and continues to evolve. Development and cultural opportunities exist that can help to shape Sacramento for decades to come. Tre Borden works with civic and private sector ​clients to ​develop engaging spaces in a

UC Davis Schools of Medicine and Nursing

The relationship between doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers is ever changing. Deans of the UC Davis schools of medicine and nursing join host Scott Syhpax to talk about new collaboration and innovations. Original airdate: 1/17/2020

Sacramento 2020

Marcos Breton from The Sacramento Bee and Ed Goldman from The Goldman State join host Scott Syphax to talk about current issues in Sacramento and their outlook on the year ahead in 2020.​ Original airdate: December 20, 2019.

LeadingAge California

LeadingAge California is an advocate for non-profit senior living and care. The association represents over 625 nonprofit providers of senior living and care – including affordable housing, life plan communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, and home and community-based care. COO

Behavioral Health Agencies

The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies is an association of the organizations dedicated to providing mental health and substance use disorder programs and services to those in need across the state. In partnership with the American Leadership Forum,

Treating Human Trafficking Victims

Dignity Health dicusses a new approach in providing education and training to healthcare providers in how to identify and treat victims of human trafficking. Dr. Ron Chambers and Jennifer Cox join host Scott Syphax. Original airdate: 11/15/2019.

The Sacramento Zoo

Original airdate: 11/08/2019: The Sacramento Zoo was founded in 1927. Executive Director Jason Jacobs joins host Scott Syphax to talk about the zoo and its future.