Surgery of the Future | Focus on Health

Utilizing a state-of-the-art Robotically Assisted Surgery system provides UC Davis Health surgeons unprecedented control in a minimally invasive environment. This means that instead of operating on patients through large incisions, UC Davis Health surgeons can now use miniaturized surgical instruments that fit through a series of small holes.
The miniaturized surgical instruments mounted on three separate robotic arms, allow the surgeon maximum range of motion and precision. A fourth arm containing a magnified high-definition 3D camera guides the surgeon during the procedure. Every movement the surgeon makes with the master controls is precisely translated by each of the robotic arms. The surgeon controls these instruments and the camera from a console located in the operating room. By placing fingers into the master controls, the surgeon can operate all four arms of the Robotically Assisted Surgery system simultaneously while looking through a stereoscopic high-definition monitor with detailed 3-D view of the operating site.
Utilizing this advanced technology, UC Davis Health surgeons can perform a growing number of complex procedures in gynecology, oncology, and general surgery. Since these procedures can now be performed through very small incisions, UC Davis Health patients experience improved outcomes and safety.