About the Exhibition:

"We daydream to remember, to escape, to heal, to plan, to manifest, to explore, to cope and to resolve. These works are excerpts from my inner narrative, the conversations I have with myself when I daydream."
-Franceska Gamez

"Daydream" by Franceska Gamez, showcases a collection of mixed media sculpture and paintings.  All works are available for sale, with all of the proceeds benefiting your PBS station, KVIE. Contact arts@kvie.org or call (916) 641 - 3663 for pricing. *Receptions are free and open to the public.

About Franceska:

Born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area, Franceska Gamez now currently resides in Sacramento where she practices in mixed media sculptures and mural painting. Her willful practice in the arts have led to dynamic bouts in installation, carpentry, writing, curation, art conservation, and project management. She is known for her murals nationally and internationally. For more information visit franceskagamez.com.

CLICK HERE if you would like more information about a piece of art or are interested in purchasing.
The gallery is open Monday - Friday, 9AM to 5PM at PBS KVIE Studios - 2030 W. El Camino Ave. Sacramento, CA 95833-1866.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a full image of each piece of artwork.



Reception wine graciously donated by:
Capay Valley Vineyards

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