BARBARA ARNOLD - Selected Works
June 12, 2018 – August 10, 2018


Artist Statement

As the river makes its journey, placing emotion evoking colors where others might not expect to find them such as painting pink tress, red tree branches and melon colored shrubs stretching from the river, over wheat fields and to the coastal range on the horizon line are hallmarks of my River Delta paintings. The pinks and reds are in geraniums, roses and hollyhocks in my front yard. It is easy to transpose these colors to brighten vegetation along the river.  Serenity prevails in having my art studio surrounded by agricultural crop land and within walking distance to the river. Living and painting in the Delta is a treasured change of pace. I take time to observe the haystacks, the flowers, the windblown shapes of tree branches.  Placing these serene images on canvas is a treasured activity that balances my professional life as an ophthalmologist.  I am fascinated by color and creativity. Shapes, forms, linear edge contrasts, value changes and color are all imaged by different parts of the visual system. Patients appreciate improvement in color vision, those viewing paintings can sense the rhythm of the brush strokes, the simplification of objects in space, and the contrast of lights and darks.  Shapes suggest movement as the eye follows across a painting. I enjoy introducing the viewer to the scenic Sacramento River Delta and hope to evoke a recognition that will help to protect rural Sacramento County from industrialization and the threats of water exports.

-Barbara Arnold, 2018

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