On-Air Program Sponsorship on KVIE

When you sponsor a program, you help bring high-quality programs to our community. Award winners such as PBS NewsHour, NOVA, Nature, MASTERPIECE, This Old House and American Experience each have loyal viewers who respect the shows and their sponsors. Children and their parents enjoy the highest rated children's programs in the nation, such as Wild Kratts, Arthur, and Sesame Street.

Program sponsorship on KVIE consists of 10, 15, or 30 second open and close spots attached to a specific television program. Only two groups are allowed to locally sponsor a program, making program sponsorship especially effective for companies seeking to build their brand and a relationship with their particular target audience.

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On-air Adjacency Sponsorship on KVIE

You can choose to have your of 10, 15, or 30 seconds play either before or after a particular program. Adjacency sponsorship is particularly effective when flexibility and program variety are critical. It is also an excellent alternative when program sponsorship is not available on a desired program. Adjacency flight throughout certain types of programming works well when reach and frequency are your prime objective. Choose to have your sponsor message shown near prime time specials, cooking and how-to programs, science and nature programs, and travel and adventure shows.

Ready to get started? Contact Kevin Smith-Fagan, our Vice President of Leadership Giving & Associate GM at (916) 641-3595, or ksmithfagan@kvie.org.