Episode 3

Oskar asks Max to help investigate a grotesque series of murders in Vienna’s slums, where the victims are seemingly chosen at random. The killer’s gruesome calling cards are vicious mutilation with a military blade and a penchant for arcane symbols.

A student of Sigmund Freud and an Austrian detective team up to solve some of the most mysterious and deadly cases in early 1900s Vienna.


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Daniel’s Military School

When Max’s nephew Daniel suffers a breakdown, he believes something sinister is to blame.

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A Surprise Reunion

Following the case, Max invites Amelia to tea but runs into Clara.

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Saying Goodbye

Amelia is determined to rebuild her life in Vienna and distances herself from Max.

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What Is Vienna Blood?

The cast and crew discuss the background and inspiration behind Vienna Blood.

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Episode 6

Solving the case at the military school will impact Oskar and Max in unforeseen ways.

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Episode 5

Max asks Oskar for help after his young nephew suffers a breakdown at military school.

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Episode 4

A murder investigation draws Max and Oskar into the sphere of nationalistic groups.

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Episode 2

The supernatural elements of a murder mystery threaten Oskar’s career and Max’s life.