Walter Winchell: The Power of Gossip

Meet the newspaper columnist, radio commentator and television personality who pioneered the fast-paced, gossip driven, politically charged journalism that dominates today. At his peak, his audience reached 50 million: two-thirds of American adults.

Wednesday 8:00PM

Discover insightful profiles of important figures in America's artistic and cultural life. American Masters, committed to producing comprehensive film biographies about the broad cast of characters who comprise our cultural history.

American Masters Episodes

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Michael Tilson Thomas: Where Now Is

S34 Ep6 | 1h 23m 37s

Discover the Grammy-winning conductor, pianist and composer.

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Unladylike2020: Unsung Women Who Changed America

S34 Ep4 | 53m 55s

Mark the women’s suffrage centennial with stories of pioneering women.

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Mae West: Dirty Blonde

S34 Ep2 | 1h 23m 32s

Dive into the life and career of groundbreaking entertainer Mae West.

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Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

S34 Ep1 | 1h 53m 35s

Discover the man behind the legend.

American Masters Extras

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Keith Haring's brush with celebrity culture

S34 Ep9 | 1m 17s

As Keith Haring became more famous, he got to know the biggest celebrities of the era.

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Meet Keith Haring's art dealer, famous for defacing Picasso

S34 Ep9 | 2m 55s

Keith Haring's choice for an art dealer was known for defacing a famous Picasso painting.

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Michael Tilson Thomas on what he learned from James Brown

S34 Ep6 | 2m 17s

MTT talks about the James Brown song that caused him to pull the car over as a teenager.

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The toy behind Michael Tilson Thomas's love of dissonance

S34 Ep6 | 1m 59s

Meet Toodles, the toy behind Michael Tilson Thomas's love of dissonant music.

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