PBS KVIE operates with the support of our members. They are truly the backbone of PBS KVIE, providing the money needed to run the station, paying everything from our electric bill to our PBS dues. Donors at higher levels provide the money needed to go beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future.

PBS KVIE recognizes members who give $1,000 or more as members of our Leadership Giving Society.

Leadership Giving Society members make it possible for us to plan for the public television of our future together here in the Central Valley and Sierra. With the advent of digital television, and other new technologies, PBS KVIE needs resources to make plans for our future service. We will be broadcasting multiple television signals – some with high-definition television and some with data to enhance the programs. We have many decisions to make about the television station we will become in the future, and Leadership Giving Society members give us the support we need to explore our options. We thank our generous leadership donors for giving to the station at levels that allow us to plant the seeds for future projects.

PBS KVIE Leadership Giving Society members are invited to special events at the station, receive complimentary thank-you gifts, and on air recognition of their support of the station. They are invited to a luncheon with our PBS KVIE President and General Manager, and they have the opportunity to highlight the good work of another nonprofit they support with a spot on television.

For additional information, please contact Colleen Schulman at 916-641-3595 or cschulman@kvie.org.