Why Include KVIE in your Will or Trust
Including KVIE in your will or trust is a wonderful way to ensure that your values endure.
A bequest costs you nothing now, yet it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are giving to KVIE in the future.
Giving a bequest to KVIE may also lower the amount your estate is taxed (both capital gains and estate tax).
How To Include KVIE in your Will or Trust

To name KVIE as a beneficiary in your will or trust, you will need to include a provision that clearly expresses your charitable intentions.  You can leave a specific amount; a percentage of your estate; or the remainder of your estate.

Click here to view sample bequest language for you and your advisor to consider.

Contact Leadership Giving

If you would like to explore donating $1,000 or more (Masterpiece Circle), or you are including KVIE in your bequest plans (Explorer Fund), contact Kevin Smith-Fagan by calling (916)641-3595 or ksmithfagan@kvie.org.