Why Give Stock to PBS KVIE

Your gift of stock (or mutual funds) can yield high returns for arts, ideas, and adventures on PBS KVIE.

Donating securities can also provide tax savings. Your donation triggers an immediate tax deduction at the security’s current fair market value. You can also avoid capital gains tax. It’s especially smart to donate stocks which have grown in value over the years.

You may find these tax benefits enable you to make a larger gift than you could have made with cash.

How To Give Stock to PBS KVIE

To make a gift of stock, please give your broker the following instructions for electronic delivery to KVIE.

Deliver to DTC- 0015
Account number: 102-109807
Account name: KVIE INC.

KVIE’s broker:
Morgan Stanley
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 1900
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please contact Colleen Schulman at 916-641-3595 or cschulman@kvie.org with the transfer details so that we can properly credit your gift and provide you with an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

To avoid paying capital gain tax, you must contribute a stock you have held for more than 12 months, and it must have appreciated in value. You must transfer the stock directly to PBS KVIE. PBS KVIE will sell the stock to net the proceeds of your gift.

Contact Leadership Giving

If you would like to explore donating $1,000 or more (Leadership Giving), or you are including PBS KVIE in your bequest plans, contact Colleen Schulman at 916-641-3595 or cschulman@kvie.org.