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Why Give Retirement Assets to PBS KVIE

A shrewd and simple way to support the PBS KVIE mission is allocating money from an IRA or other retirement account.

Here’s the thing: when left to heirs, retirement funds generally get taxed twice – once as they exit the account, and again as taxable income to the heir.

But when you donate your retirement assets to PBS KVIE, the entirety of your retirement assets go to PBS KVIE.

By naming PBS KVIE as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) and/or 403(b), you will be assured that every dollar will benefit the PBS KVIE mission.  Then you can identify other assets that are better suited to leave to heirs.

Another great benefit of naming PBS KVIE as a beneficiary of your retirement assets is avoiding probate, which can be costly.

By making a gift of your retirement benefits, your charitable wishes can be fulfilled with ease and efficiency.

How To Give Retirement Assets to PBS KVIE

Notify the institution holding your IRA, 401(k), and/or 403(b) and let them know that you wish to name PBS KVIE as the beneficiary.  The institution will supply you with a form where your beneficiary changes will be made. PBS KVIE's Tax ID is 94-1421463.

It’s a simple form. It’s quick and easy. No legal fees, either!

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