Sean Royal

Meet Sean Royal, a mixed media artist whose work is constantly evolving through his love of music and visual art.

Tuesdays 7:00PM

KVIE Arts Showcase is a weekly series that celebrates arts from around the world and right here at home. Come with us as we experience America’s most interesting and talented artists.

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KVIE Arts Showcase Episodes

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Native American Art

S9 Ep5 | 26m 46s

Celebrate the art, history, and heritage of Native Americans across the country.

KVIE Arts Showcase Image

Finding Passion

S9 Ep3 | 26m 37s

Meet artists finding their passion.

KVIE Arts Showcase Image

Why Artists Create

S9 Ep1 | 24m

Hear from artists about what their art means to them and why they create.

KVIE Arts Showcase Image

Art that Heals

S8 Ep13 | 27m 52s

Reflect on the power of art to help heal and build connection.

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