Theater Arts

Discover how the theater arts can inspire, heal, and "transform" participants.

Tuesdays 7:00PM

KVIE Arts Showcase is a weekly series that celebrates arts from around the world and right here at home. Come with us as we experience America’s most interesting and talented artists.

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KVIE Arts Showcase is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Award of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.

A painter works from a cherry picker on a mural on the side of a building
Wide Open Walls
Discover the "art for all" mission of the Wide Open Walls festival in Sacramento.

KVIE Arts Showcase: Sacramento Zoo
Sacramento Zoo Enrichment
Explore a Sacramento Zoo enrichment program where animals big and small try painting.

Susheel Bibbs sings while playing piano
Susheel Bibbs
Review the broad career of Susheel Bibbs, an opera singer, actress, scholar, and more.

Jazz artist Regina Carter plays her violin
Regina Carter
Meet musician Regina Carter, whose jazz violin work has changed the music world.

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