KVIE Artist Workshops
KVIE presents a variety of exciting training opportunities for artists, ranging from beginner classes on exhibiting and marketing your work, to advanced training on copyright and legal obligations.
All classes take place at KVIE and are ticketed.

No workshops are currently scheduled.

101: New Artist Overview

In this workshop you will hear practical business advice on exhibiting and marketing your work in Northern California. The presentation will include information on: pricing, presentation, reproduction of images, approaching galleries, and the role of open studios and art auctions.  This is a perfect opportunity for beginning artists to understand the business side of art and established artists to learn about the changes that have occurred in the art collecting community through social media and newer forms of art sales.

102: Social Media for Artists

Social Media is a powerful platform for artists to share information about their craft, and generate sales. In this workshop you will learn how to promote your artwork and connect with buyers through platforms including Facebook (includes Facebook Live Video), and Instagram (includes Instagram Stories). The presentation will include topics such as creating a business-oriented Facebook Page and Instagram account, managing your accounts, uploading content and the types of content to share, the purpose of boosting posts and analytics, and increasing engagement. This course is targeted for artists who have a basic to intermediate knowledge of social media.

103: Presentation and Preservation

This class is for artists who want to preserve their art and learn how to do their own framing. You will learn how to protect your artwork in an archival fashion, how to appropriately size your work in the best dimensions for framing, how to choose the right frame for your piece, and more.

104: The Business of Art

This class is for artists that have exhibited on a regular basis and want to increase their collector base. Topics include: working with a gallery, approaching galleries outside the Sacramento area, art shipping, getting press interest, farming for new collectors, alternative exhibition options, and approaching museums and college galleries.

105: Legal / Copyright

This workshop will be taught by a representative from the California Lawyers for the Arts. Workshop details coming soon...