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KVIE’s project highlights the achievements and thoughts of ten local Latina women through interviews by Sacramento State University College Assistance Migrant Program freshman students who ask them about their education journeys and how they balance expectations between their professional and home lives.

Nuestro proyecto destaca los logros y los pensamientos de diez mujeres latinas a través de entrevistas por los estudiantes de primer año del programa migratorio de asistencia de Sacramento State University quienes les preguntan acerca de sus jornadas educativas y cómo tratan las expectativas entre sus obligaciones profesionales y familiares.

Sandra Mendez




Freshman CAMP Students:
Carlos Alcantar
Lucy Corrales
Reyna Chavez
Nathalie Cortes
Mariela Delgado
Jesus Estrada
Guadalupe Ferreyra
Martin Carbajal
Isaura Cacho
Jennifer Garcia

Sandra Mendez
Student, Sacramento State University
Communications/Minor in Spanish

On Friday March 26, my team had the honor of interviewing somebody who plays an important role in not just the Latino community, but also in the society, a female with a respectful career, Sandra Mendez. She is a Sacramento State under grad and is currently working at Univision in Sacramento as an intern; editor in the news room. She hopes to become a reporter in the communication and mass media industry someday. Not many Latinos choose to go to college, and some of those who do, do not graduate because of the many obstacles they often encounter, because of their migrant background. It is rare to see Latinos/Latinas in a position authority. In the interview there was a mixture of feelings, anger, happiness, stress, and even sadness.

Sandra Mendez is one of the few Latinas who is currently attending a University; she has many goals and dreams, she wanted to do it all. My colleague Guadalupe Ferreyra asked her, “As a child, what profession did you want?” She stated that she wanted to be everything, a singer, a teacher, a dancer, and even an actor. She told us that by the age of fifteen she was offered a job as a mariachi singer. Sandra Mendez thought that she could start at the bottom and then work her way to the top, because that’s what many people who want to be famous do. When she said that, I was sad for her, because not many people who try are successful. Fortunately, she had two sisters, who thought that being a mariachi singer was going to be a solid career. Her sister pushed her and helped her get into college. She was accepted into Sacramento State. She applied to the C.A.M.P program as well as E.O.P programs which help low income and migrant students. She is very grateful that her sisters pushed her to go to college.

Many people are inspired by what they see. I’m inspired by what I see, and if I see more Latinos in school then I’ll be inspired to be one of those Latinos in college. If more Latinas with a higher education would agree to do a documentary, it would show young adults the benefits and the struggles someone with college education goes through and it would inspire more young women to go to college. It would send a positive message: “if they did it I can do it too”. First generation students with a migrant background have gone through the same things Sandra Mendez has gone through. Both Sandra’s and other migrant parents had a rough past and have the same goals for their children, but with a different major. Towards the end of the interview she gave us a good piece of advice, she told us “never to give up, to peruse our goals no matter what.” This empowered us to continue our education and one day be successful like Sandra Mendez.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, official policy, or position of KVIE.

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