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KVIE’s project highlights the achievements and thoughts of ten local Latina women through interviews by Sacramento State University College Assistance Migrant Program freshman students who ask them about their education journeys and how they balance expectations between their professional and home lives.

Nuestro proyecto destaca los logros y los pensamientos de diez mujeres latinas a través de entrevistas por los estudiantes de primer año del programa migratorio de asistencia de Sacramento State University quienes les preguntan acerca de sus jornadas educativas y cómo tratan las expectativas entre sus obligaciones profesionales y familiares.

Olga Arellano




Freshman CAMP Students:
Jesus Garcia
Laura Martinez
Jennifer Leyva
Carlos Lona
Araceli Lopez
Mariela Luna
Janette Martinez
Juana Palma
Marcelo Villalobos
Xiomara Chavez

Olga Arellano
Principal, Ethel I. Baker Elementary School

The interview with a Latina with a migrant background made an impact on us because we share a similar background. We as students are confronting struggles that are similar to those that this Latina faced when she was completing her education. The interview with Principal Arellano has an impact to the Latino community. This documentary could motivate students to pursue a higher education regardless their background. The interviewer found a common thread in education, family and challenges with Principal Arellano. This documentary on Latinas with migrant background could be a positive source to students at different school levels. From the interview, we had learned that Latinas are capable of completing an education.

The interviewer’s first impression was admiration, and as the interview went on she felt honored and privileged. It helped her imagine herself in the future and she found that they both had things in common. Some similarities were that they are very family oriented and that they are the oldest siblings of their families. She also understood that education was the key to her success and she now sees her as a role model.

Doing a documentary on Latinas with migrant backgrounds, will help students become aware of what it takes to become successful in life. We know that there are obstacles, but also that we can go through them if we try hard to make them disappear. This could be a really good inspiration for students in high school because now they could start making plans and stay motivated to pursue higher education. Since they are in high school, the information provided will help them plan their future and make them want to go far in life. Regardless of the hardships, migrant students have to overcome challenges and look towards a successful future.

Overall, this interview became a perfect example of Latina who challenged stereotypes and was motivated enough to pursue higher education. This documentary will send a positive message to students of different school levels. It will be a resource that conveys the idea that obstacles can be overcome when it comes to completing a higher education. Principal Arellano is a respected and admired role model for Latinos. She completed an education regardless of her migrant background. This documentary can help us reflect on our goals, ambitions, and dreams. We as Latinos have to put an effort in overcoming challenges because we can make a difference.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, official policy, or position of KVIE.

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