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When most people consider giving to support public broadcasting, they think of making a pledge and writing a check. We receive many generous gifts this way each year. But there are other ways people make a difference by supporting KVIE. A special giving program called KVIE Explorer Fund is an honorary way in which friends of KVIE can plan a bequest gift. Or, you may choose to a make a gift of stock, real estate, life insurance, or consider establishing a trust.

Other ways to give include asking your employer to enroll in our Matching Gifts Program, or by donating a used car, truck, boat, or motorcycle to our used vehicle program.

Browse through the Support section of our Web site for more details about each of these initiatives.





Sponsorship on KVIE

Overview | On-Air Sponsorship | On-Air Message Guidelines | Program Listings By Genre |
Community Outreach & Special Events | KVIE's Audience | Contact KVIE Sponsorship


On-Air Sponsorship

On-Air Program Sponsorship on KVIE Channel 6
KVIE and PBS have a reputation for providing the highest quality programs on television. Award winners such as The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, NOVA, MASTERPIECE THEATRE, NATURE, This Old House and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE are just some of the fine offerings on our air, each within its own targeted genre. Also, children and their parents enjoy the highest rated children's programs in the nation, such as Barney & Friends, Arthur and Sesame Street.

Program Sponsorship on KVIE consists of 10-second, 15-second or 30-second open and close spots attached to a specific television program. A maximum of two local Sponsorship positions are available. Program Sponsorship is especially effective for companies seeking to build their brand and a relationship with their particular target audience. See Program Listings and Schedule.

On-Air Adjacency Sponsorship on KVIE Channel 6
In general, breaks between programs on KVIE Channel 6 are two minutes in length, except during children's programming where there is one minute between programs. The breaks allow for availability of up to four sponsor messages, or Sponsorship credits, depending on the length of each credit (:10, :15 or :30). Adjacency Sponsorship is particularly effective when flexibility and program variety are critical. It is also an excellent alternative when program Sponsorship is not available on a desired program. When reach and frequency are the prime objective, an adjacency flight throughout certain types of programming may be desired. Examples include Prime Time Specials, Cooking and How-To Programs, Science and Nature, and Travel and Adventure.

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Kevin Smith-Fagan
VP Development
916-641-3595 phone

KVIE Channel 6
2030 W. El Camino Ave.
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