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When most people consider giving to support public broadcasting, they think of making a pledge and writing a check. We receive many generous gifts this way each year. But there are other ways people make a difference by supporting KVIE. A special giving program called KVIE Explorer Fund is an honorary way in which friends of KVIE can plan a bequest gift. Or, you may choose to a make a gift of stock, real estate, life insurance, or consider establishing a trust.

Other ways to give include asking your employer to enroll in our Matching Gifts Program, or by donating a used car, truck, boat, or motorcycle to our used vehicle program.

Browse through the Support section of our Web site for more details about each of these initiatives.





Sponsorship on KVIE

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Community Outreach & Special Events


Diversity APA Heritage month
KVIE's dedication to the rich diversity of the Central Valley is demonstrated throughout the year by our commitment to airing programs produced by and for our community.

Our corporate partners are invited to join us in this effort through sponsorship of these special opportunities:

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Latino Heritage Month

Literacy and Education
Literacy and Education have long been the hallmark of public televisions and PBS programming. KVIE is committed to this cause and has developed many initiatives that go beyond on-air programming and provide progressive community outreach. California used to look with pride at achieving some of the highest reading scores in the nation and now ranks 4th from the bottom. Business, community and government leaders are partnering with KVIE to reverse this trend.

Community Forums
Dialogue and discussion are two of the most important elements of informed decision-making. The result leads to a greater tolerance for divergent opinions and an open-minded posture. KVIE produces programming to stimulate thought and discussion in order to improve the quality of life for all in the Central Valley. Many times KVIE will use its on-air talent and its expertise to hold town hall forums for open discussion of important topics in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto.

Some examples where corporate underwriters have participated include:

  • New Valley: Exploring the Future of The Central Valley
  • Election Issue Debates
  • Diversity and other topics of broad interest

Special Events

Special Events Art Auction

  • Art Auction with sponsor recognition
  • Sponsor VIP screenings
  • PBS celebrity appearances at sponsor and major donor events
  • KVIE community events for our cultural diversity and literacy initiatives with sponsor recognition

Pledge and Challenge Grants
Pledge drives, or on-air fundraising campaigns, are KVIE's chief sources of acquiring new members and raising support dollars. Pledge Drive programming includes the some of the station's most attractive program offerings with broad audience appeal. KVIE has three ways in which you can get involved in these fun, team-building evenings.

  • Volunteer
  • Sponsor Pledge Special
  • Corporate Challenge Grant

For More Information
Kevin Smith-Fagan
VP Development
916-641-3595 phone

KVIE Channel 6
2030 W. El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95833

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If you'd like to receive a newsletter via e-mail with news and special opportunities to current and prospective underwriters, send us a note.


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