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When most people consider giving to support public broadcasting, they think of making a pledge and writing a check. We receive many generous gifts this way each year. But there are other ways people make a difference by supporting KVIE. A special giving program called KVIE Explorer Fund is an honorary way in which friends of KVIE can plan a bequest gift. Or, you may choose to a make a gift of stock, real estate, life insurance, or consider establishing a trust.

Other ways to give include asking your employer to enroll in our Matching Gifts Program, or by donating a used car, truck, boat, or motorcycle to our used vehicle program.

Browse through the Support section of our Web site for more details about each of these initiatives.





Support KVIE When You Shop at Raley's and Bel Air

When you shop at Raley's and Bel Air, you can support KVIE in our efforts to promote literacy for at-risk children in our community. And it's so easy!

Here's how it works. You simply complete the form below. We'll send you a Quality of Life card and you present it to Raley's and Bel Air each time you shop. There's no cost to receive the card and KVIE receives a donation of up to 4% from Raley's and Bel Air. What a great way to help KVIE, just by doing something you're already doing!

The contributions support KVIE's Ready To Learn program, which provides free educational workshops for parents and caregivers, supports all of the award-winning PBS Kids programs, as well as the distribution of free books for underprivileged children. In many cases, these are the only books the children own.

Already Have One?
If you already have a card, please direct a portion to KVIE Ready To Learn.
Click here to do that online

Sign Up for the Card
All fields (except Address 2) are required in order to receive a card. No one will call you and your information will not be given or sold to anyone.

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Questions? Call KVIE Customer Service at 916-641-3500.

KVIE thanks Raley's and Bel Air for their commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our community.

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