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When most people consider giving to support public broadcasting, they think of making a pledge and writing a check. We receive many generous gifts this way each year. But there are other ways people make a difference by supporting KVIE. A special giving program called KVIE Explorer Fund is an honorary way in which friends of KVIE can plan a bequest gift. Or, you may choose to a make a gift of stock, real estate, life insurance, or consider establishing a trust.

Other ways to give include asking your employer to enroll in our Matching Gifts Program, or by donating a used car, truck, boat, or motorcycle to our used vehicle program.

Browse through the Support section of our Web site for more details about each of these initiatives.




  KVIE Production PartnersKVIE operates with the support of our members — $35 is our basic membership, truly the backbone of KVIE, providing the money needed to run the station, paying everything from our electric bill to our PBS dues. Donors at higher levels provide the money needed to go beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future.

The KVIE Production Partners is a special group of members committed to public television who give $240 or more each year to support KVIE. Their gifts allow us to do the preparatory work in creating local television programs. Before we can produce a program we have to explore all of the ideas that are brought to the station and flesh out those ideas so that we can decide which ones to pursue. Production Partners members give KVIE the wherewithal to examine and plan for possible future productions.

Production Partners benefits include personal updates on new KVIE programs and community events, and your name inscribed in our KVIE Production Partners Honorary Registry. Production Partners members also benefit by being able to purchase any thank-you gifts we offer at a discount any time during the year, without waiting for a pledge drive.

For additional information, please contact Membership at 916-641-3500 or send e-mail to member@kvie.org

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