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“PBS has nothing to do with the actual defense of the country…PBS just makes our country worth defending.”
– Ken Burns

KVIE Legacy Circle

Ways To Give

There are many creative ways to include KVIE in your estate plan, ensuring your financial stability now and providing for KVIE in the future. Here are a few:

Wills & Living Trusts: You can leave a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate as a bequest gift to KVIE. Click here for sample bequest language.

Charitable Gift Annuities: CGAs can increase your retirement income. You’ll receive a guaranteed return for the rest of your life, after which the remaining principal becomes a gift to KVIE. Rates are based on age. Learn more.

Retirement Plans (IRA, 401(k), pension, etc.): You can name KVIE as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. It’s easy to do, and it’s a good bequest vehicle since it’s otherwise likely to be heavily taxed.

Life Insurance: You can name KVIE as a full or partial beneficiary on a life insurance policy you no longer need.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: You can turn securities or real estate into an income stream for you now, and a gift to KVIE later. For example, you can place a house into a CRT. After it’s sold, you’ll receive income every year. At the end of your life, the remaining principal goes to KVIE as a gift.





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