The Great Vacation Squeeze

Vacations matter - for productivity, happiness, family bonding and especially, health. Explore why Americans take less time off work, even when it’s proven to be good for us.

Wednesdays 7:00PM

Take an in-depth look at our history, present, and future with ViewFinder. Each episode is a unique documentary look at our community, bringing unique voices and stories to the front and framing them in a larger perspective.

The ViewFinder series is sponsored by SAFE Credit Union.


Replacing the Past – Sacramento’s Redevelopment History
Sacramento’s redevelopment in the 1950s and 1960

The Journey Ahead - End of Life
Courageous people share their personal stories of end-of-life decisions.

Little Italys and Beyond
Explore the Little Italy neighborhoods in Monterey, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Poverty and Poor Health
Northern California healthcare providers working to improve access for those who struggle.


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