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Water on the Edge

As a state, California is at the mercy of its water supply. As a region, the greater Sacramento area struggles in times of drought or flood, living on land conquered by a levee system, which is as vulnerable as its weakest point, and intricately tied to the Delta- the delicate hub of the water system for the majority of the state. Managing our water supply has led to some of the state's greatest accomplishments, as well as its greatest challenges. In the effort to remap California's circulatory system, some critical events have had a profound impact on California's water history. These turning points not only forced a re-evaluation of water but continue to impact the lives of every Californian. This program examines how decisions made a century ago impact us today, and how the decisions we make today will affect future generations of Californians. Lisa McRee hosts. This program was funded by the Water Education Foundation with additional support from the California Bay-Delta Authority, MWH, and The Nature Conservancy.

To order this program in VHS or DVD for $25, please contact the Water Education Foundation at 916-444-6240.







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