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This fun and informative special features the finest and most unique products created right here in the Central Valley.

Steve RexViewFinder will take you behind-the-scenes to meet the people behind the innovations that make our region stand out. From Steve Rex, a custom bicycle manufacturer whose work is turning heads, to Kyler S., a 12-year-old boy who created a character that earned a permanent spot on the Cartoon Network, to Ron Rodecker creator and co producer of PBS show Dragon Tales, and finally to Java City to learn how this big coffee company got a small start in Sacramento.

Cartoon Network contest winner, Kyler S., age 12, has been drawing since he was a toddler. As the winner of Cartoon Network's search for a new character to join their cast of animated hosts for their program block Miguzi, Kyler's character, "Yoke" has earned a permanent spot on the program.

Nevada City resident Ron Rodecker is the concept, character creator, and co-producer of the PBS program, Dragon Tales. In 1978, Rodecker, who spent many years as a public educator, rediscovered his love for art and began entering his artwork at fairs and art shows. Inspired by his own pets, he developed dragon characters that were well received. At an art fair, Sony approached Rodecker and shortly after, Dragon Tales was born.

storeTom Weborg, Java City founder and Sacramento State alumnus, has been in the coffee business his whole life. For several years Tom worked in his family's coffee distribution business and even created his own spin-off called "Coffeebreak Services" which sold coffee to various offices around town. At his 20 year high school reunion, Tom met former classmate and future wife Sandra. Sandra's knowledge of specialty coffee influenced Tom's decision to open Java City in Sacramento at the corner of 18th & Capitol. Tune in for more about Tom.

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Note: The week after taping our story on Java City the community learned about the tragic death of Kimberly Wheeler. Ms. Wheeler, a Java City employee, was killed June 17, 2005 as she was leaving the Java City facility in North Natomas. Ms. Wheeler was an innocent victim of an illegal street race. Anyone wishing to donate to a trust fund to benefit Anthony Wheeler should contact Bank of America's Woodland branch, account number 00524-03199.

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