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Explore the interesting and unusual world of collecting in Northern California, and see homes that have been taken over by their owners' collections. How many cow figurines are too many? Just how much will one collector spend to complete his vintage whiskey bottle collection?

The Collectors: Animals & Antiques
Cow Collector
Cow Collector. Dale Carr is on the hunt for anything cow-related. Cow figurines, paintings, cups and glasses have filled her kitchen. But now that she is running out of room Dale is being more selective in her search.
  Whiskey Bottles
Whiskey Bottles. If you want to know about the whiskey trade in Sacramento during the Gold Rush, Steve Abbott is your guy.  He's spent more than $100k on vintage whiskey bottles, flasks, glasses and paraphernalia.  He also  shares his vast knowledge about the history with area groups.
  Front Lawn Gas Station
Front Lawn Gas Station.  A drive through this residential neighborhood in Woodland, California inspires amazement.  Mark Reiff has turned his entire home into an old-time gas station.  He collects pumps, signage and anything petroleum-related.  He event makes his backyard available for parties!
  Taking Over the House
Taking Over the House. One thing we've discovered in our exploration of collecting: It doesn't take long for collections to completely take over the house!  Here's some advice to keep things from getting out of control.
Collector Confession: Magic Munson
Collector Confession: Magic Munson. Magic's love of Pez grows every day.  She explains why she can't stop collecting the tiny candy dispensers.
  Collector Confession: Julissa Ortiz
Collector Confession: Julissa Ortiz. One of our show's hosts has a collection of her own.  Julissa explains why leopard print is more than just a fashion statement.

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