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Episode 418 [Watch online»] Kim Williams, Joe Barr, and Derrell Roberts. Empowering Community Engagement.

Episode 417 [Watch online»] Larry and Denton Kelley. LDK Ventures and the Sacramento Railyards.

Episode 416 [Watch online»] Ramona Prieto. The CHP's highest ranking female.

Episode 415 [Watch online»] Kevin Hanley and Bill Mueller. The state of California's Gold Country region.

Episode 414 [Watch online»] Tara Thronson and Veronica Blake. The new Village Square effort.

Episode 413 [Watch online»] Donna Burke and Jim Williams. Guests share retirement stories and aspirations.

Episode 412 [Watch online»] Catherine Stifter, Amaya Weiss, and Eileen Thomas. Capital Public Radio’s Hidden Hunger.

Episode 411 [Watch online»] Dr. Parnell Lovelace. A founder leads by stepping aside.

Episode 410 [Watch online»] Tim Murphy, Michelle Odell. What Sacramento can learn from Nashville.

Episode 409 [Watch online»] Sanjay Varshney, PhD. Dean of the business school at Sac State.

Episode 408 [Watch online»] Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis.

Episode 407 [Watch online»] Marlene Goetzeler Freeport Bakery.

Episode 406 [Watch online»] Susan Frazier and Joe Genshlea ALF Exemplary Leaders 2014.

Episode 405 [Watch online»] Neel Kashkari Republican Candidate for California Governor.

Episode 404 [Watch online»] Paul Curtis and Niki Jones Homeless youth.

Episode 403 [Watch online»] Jay Schenirer and Jeremy Myers Common Core.

Episode 402 [Watch online»] Winnie Comstock-Carlson Publisher Winnie Comstock-Carlson talks about the 25 year history of Comstock's Magazine.

Episode 401 [Watch online»] Matt Rexroad and Rob Stutzman The state of California's Republican Party.

Episode 335 [Watch online»] Highlights From Season 3 A collection of interviews spanning the third season.

Episode 334 [Watch online»] Allen Warren A discussion with a Representative of Sacramento City Council's Second District.

Episode 333 [Watch online»] Charles Doss, Richard Nelson, and Sgt. Jamin Martinez Gang violence.

Episode 332 [Watch online»] David Hosley A regional perspective.

Episode 331 [Watch online»] Leah Albright-Byrd Proposition 35 and the growth of the Bridget's Dream.

Episode 330 [Watch online»] Catherine Stifter, Rick Rayburn, and Michelle Nevins Family caregiving.

Episode 329 [Watch online»] Priscilla Enriquez, Daniel Kaufman, and Jim Tabuchi The Big Day of Giving and the state of donations locally.

Episode 328 [Watch online»] Brian Van Camp, and Joseph Taylor The trial system in America.

Episode 327 [Watch online»] Dr. Paul Knoepfler The Promise of Stem Cell Research.

Episode 326 [Watch online»] Sister Libby Fernandez, Michael Lazar, and Nancy Weaver Teichert Mentally Ill in California.

Episode 325 [Watch online»] Wendy Beecham and Aeisha Mastagni Women leading corporations.

Episode 324 [Watch online»] Einar Maisch, Pia Lopez, and Tim Quinn Storing, moving and using California's water.

Episode 323 [Watch online»] Emilie Cameron, Dr. Michael Marion, and Dean O'Brien Attracting and retaining the next generation workforce.

Episode 322 [Watch online»] Leslie DeDora and Darlene O'Brien Teaching understanding of kids with disabilities.

Episode 321 [Watch online»] Sandy Smoley, Cyril Shah, and Clay Nutting Changing culture and the arts & entertainment.

Episode 320 [Watch online»] Steve Cohn, Christopher Cabaldon Connecting West Sacramento and Sacramento.

Episode 319 [Watch online»] Raj Bhathal, Alex Bhathal Sacramento Kings Ownership Group.

Episode 318 [Watch online»] Jonathan Raymond Exit interview.

Episode 317 [Watch online»] Stu VanAirsdale, Daniel Hahn Stockton school shooting.

Episode 316 [Watch online»] Dr. John Lairmore Advances in Veterinary Medicine.

Episode 315 [Watch online»] Robin Kirk, Jackie Pfistert Anxiety in America.

Episode 314 [Watch online»] Sandy Kirschenmann, Tim Murphy, Christine Ault What Sacramento Can Learn from Philadelphia.

Episode 313 [Watch online»] Dr. Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin, Dr. Robert Pieretti Early childhood literacacy.

Episode 312 [Watch online»] Griselda Barajas, Vikram Janardhan, Warren Smith Sacramento entrepreneurs.

Episode 311 [Watch online»]  Nancy Pelosi A discussion with the House Democratic Leader.

Episode 310 [Watch online»]  Paul McClure, Bob Beyn, and Carol Gleeson Sacramento-area advertising.

Episode 309 [Watch online»]  Lina Fat Sacramento restaurateur Lina Fat.

Episode 308 [Watch online»]  Rob Tannenbaum and Stephanie Gularte Regional Performing Arts.

Episode 307 [Watch online»]  John Sims and Hanni Fakhoury Your Privacy and the NSA.

Episode 306 [Watch online»]  Christopher Cabaldon and Bruce Starkweather Sustainable Communities.

Episode 305 [Watch online»]  Maryellen Burns and Keith Burns Lost Sacramento restaurants.

Episode 304 [Watch online»]  Diana Fuentes-Michel, Rhonda Rios Kravitz, Donis De Leon Students and higher education.

Episode 303 [Watch online»]  Matías Bombal History of the movies and movie palaces.

Episode 302 [Watch online»]  Susan Frazier, Marty Tuttle, Mike McKeever Sacramento Region Blueprint - A Look Back.

Episode 301 [Watch online»]  Judge Kimberly Mueller The US District Court Eastern Division's first female judge.

Episode 235 [Watch online»]  Season Two Highlights A collection of interviews spanning the second season.

Episode 234 [Watch online»]  Kelly Jackson and Bill Herenda A discussion on youth sports.

Episode 233 [Watch online»]  Bill Lockyer. A discussion with California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

Episode 232 [Watch online»]  Darrell Steinberg. A conversation with Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

Episode 231 [Watch online»]  Jim McGrann. VSP Vision Care president Jim McGrann about health care reform, economic competitiveness, and how VSP almost left California.

Episode 230 [Watch online»]  Bill Blake, Buck Busfield, and Ron Vrilakas. Discussing the B Street Theatre and Midtown revitalization.

Episode 229 [Watch online»] Bishop Parnell Lovelace, Dr. Metwalli Amer, The Very Rev. Brian Baker. Discussing religion.

Episode 228 [Watch online»] Jack Ohman. A conversation with the Sacramento Bee cartoonist.

Episode 227 [Watch online»] Jonathan Raymond and Dr. James Lanich. A conversation about education.

Episode 226 [Watch online»] Nancy Brodovsky, Gene Endicott. Gun violence.

Episode 225 [Watch online»] Rick Braziel. Retired Sacramento Police Chief.

Episode 224 [Watch online»] Candy Chand, Stephanie Wahlberg, Preston Naramore, Bale Wahlberg. Saving the Ethiopian Mingi Children.

Episode 223 [Watch online»] Melinda Guzman. Businesswoman, international advisor on trade.

Episode 222 [Watch online»] Congressman Ami Bera.

Episode 221 [Watch online»] Robert van der Vijver, Melissa van der Vijver. A Dutch Wine Maker in California.

Episode 220 [Watch online»] Daniel Hahn. Chief of Roseville Police Daniel Hahn.

Episode 219 [Watch online»] Congressman John Garamendi.

Episode 218 [Watch online»] Dr. William Lee, Larry Lee. 50 years of The Sacramento Observer.

Episode 217 [Watch online»] Dr. Claire Pomeroy. Exit Interview with UC Davis Health System's CEO.

Episode 216 [Watch online»] Marcos Breton. The Sacramento Bee's Marcos Breton.

Episode 215 [Watch online»] Susan Frazier, Ann Lucas, Randy Sater. Philanthropy in the Region.

Episode 214 [Watch online»] Ron Addington, Bob Gutierrez. Stockton's future.

Episode 213 [Watch online»] Jonathan Lewis. Economic Justice and Global Poverty.

Episode 212 [Watch online»] J-E Paino, Sean McNamara. Local beer in Sacramento.

Episode 211 [Watch online»] Bill Camp, Matt Kelly, Yvonne Walker. Organized Labor.

Episode 210 [Watch online»] KCRA's Edie Lambert. Get to know local anchor Edie Lambert.

Episode 209 [Watch online»] Tom Stallard, Vicki Barber, Joe Coomes. ALF Exemplary Leaders.

Episode 208 [Watch online»] Basim Elkarra. American-Islamic Relations.

Episode 207 [Watch online»] Dr. Jonathan Breslau, Dr. Roger M. Gilbert. Cutting edge medical advances.

Episode 206 [Watch online»] Kim Box. Pathway to Prevention.

Episode 205 [Watch online»] Richard Lewis, Dave Pier, Don Roth. Arts in Sacramento - The New Season.

Episode 204 [Watch online»] Eric Jones, Steve Moore, Jaime Constantino. Crime in Stockton, CA.

Episode 203 [Watch online»] Ettore Ravazzolo. Get to know the local baker and restaurateur.

Episode 202 [Watch online»] Dr. Richard Pan, Scott Jones, Oscar Villegas. Prison shift - AB 109.

Episode 201 [Watch online»] Joanne Neft, Laura Kenny. A follow-up conversation on eating locally and in season.

Episode 138 [Watch online»] Highlights from Season One. A collection of interviews spanning the first season.

Episode 137 [Watch online»] Dean Elizabeth Parker. Exit Interview.

Episode 136 [Watch online»] Mandy Taylor, Leah Albright-Byrd, Undercover Officer. Human Trafficking.

Episode 135 [Watch online»] Dr. Oz. HealthCorps.

Episode 134 [Watch online»] Kevin Johnson. State of the City.

Episode 133 [Watch online»] Mario Gutierrez, Marco Rodriguez, Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez. The Mexican Immigration Experience.

Episode 132 [Watch online»] Rick Jennings. The Center for Fathers and Families.

Episode 131 [Watch online»] Linda Katehi, Alexander Gonzalez, Brice Harris. The state of higher education in the region.

Episode 130 [Watch online»] Jay Schenirer, Anthony Tafoya, Ajay Lawson, Catherine Pentoney. Teen Voices.

Episode 129 [Watch online»] Greg Vaughn. Former Major League Baseball player from the Sacramento area.

Episode 128 [Watch online»] Carla Collins Mixon, Jose Bodipo-Memba, Sean O'Brien. Sacramento area emerging leaders share their views.

Episode 127 [Watch online»] Rob Fong, Tom Cosgrove, Tom Stallard. Local government finance.

Episode 126 [Watch online»] Bill Slaton. An electrifying conversation about energy.

Episode 125 [Watch online»] Jeremy Ganter, Don Roth, Margrit Mondavi. Blanche Neige and a decade of performances.

Episode 124 [Watch online»] Marcos Breton, Dan Morain. Sac Bee columnists discuss current political issues and more.

Episode 123 [Watch online»] Cassandra Pye, Robin Trimble, Michele Wong. Regional Roundtable - 2012 What's Next.

Episode 122 [Watch online»] Joanne Neft, Laura Kenny. Eating Local & Healthy.

Episode 121 [Watch online»] Sam Starks, Arnoldo Torres, Dr. Marion Woods. Progress on the Dream - MLK & Equality.

Episode 120 [Watch online»] Bill Kennedy, Ginger Rutland. Understanding issues relating to the homeless.

Episode 119 [Watch online»] Phil Angelides. The financial crisis, the housing market, and economic recovery.

Episode 118 [Watch online»] News10's Cristina Mendonsa. Get to know local anchor Cristina Mendonsa.

Episode 117 [Watch online»] Meg Arnold,Roger Niello, Martha Lofgren. In partnership with American Leadership Forum (ALF), we look at "Next Economy," a collaborative effort to reignite the region's business climate.

Episode 116 [Watch online»] Doris Matsui, Congresswoman, California's 5th District. A conversation with one of our region's Members of Congress.

Episode 115 [Watch online»] David Butler, Dr. Cindy Petersen, Anthony Ochoa. A look at the high school dropout problem. Funded in part by an American Graduate grant(Additional info).

Episode 114 [Watch online»] Brenda Davis,
Mike McGowan, Dan Ray.
In partnership with American Leadership Forum (ALF), we talk about the California Delta. Additional info on the Delta.

Episode 113 [Watch online»] Ryan Vanni. A Sacramento entrepreneur talks growing a successful national business.

Episode 112 [Watch online»] John Shirey. Sacramento's new City Manager looks at the road ahead. Airs October 14.

Episode 111 [Watch online»] Darrell Steinberg, President pro Tem, CA State Senate. Senator Steinberg discusses leadership and politics in California.

Episode 110 [Watch online»] Patrick Mulvaney, Craig McNamara, Dan Silva. In partnership with American Leadership Forum (ALF), we talk about the rising interest in local agriculture.

Episode 109 [Watch online»] Jason Shoultz(Guest Host), Jim Finnerty, Rob Stewart. A look at KVIE's national series America's Heartland, which celebrates every state's agricultural bounty.

Episode 108 [Watch online»] Dan Lungren, Congressman. California's 3rd District House of Representatives.

Episode 107 [Watch online»] Ray Kerridge, Patrick Blacklock, Jim Williams. In partnership with American Leadership Forum (ALF), we look at regional collaboration.

Episode 106 [Watch online»] Michael Ault, David Watts Barton. The future of downtown Sacramento.

Episode 105 [Watch online»] Helen Hutchison, Paul Mitchell, Matt Rexroad. How will the new redistricting maps impact who represents you in government? And did the arduous process of drawing new boundaries prove that politics in California can be reformed?

Episode 104 [Watch online»] Joe Genshlea. What gives Sacramento its sense of place? Joe Genshlea thinks he knows and offers his reflections, recollections and ruminations on a Sacramento life.

Episode 103 [Watch online»] Dennis Mangers, Bill Blake, Lial Jones. In partnership with American Leadership Forum, we look at the state of arts organizations.

Episode 102 [Watch online»] Tracey Schaal, Ryan Sharp, Jack Crawford. Promoting the Sacramento region for business.

Episode 101 [Watch online»] Carl "Tobey" Oxholm III.A community leader who is leaving the region shares his views on Sacramento during an exclusive broadcast exit interview.



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