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Clean Energy

For more information on Ethanol, go to:

Sustainable Conservation

Pacific Ethanol

California Energy Commission

Renewable Fuels Association

For more information on Biodiesel, go to:

Sustainable Conservation

National Biodiesel Board

For more information on Biomass, go to:

California Biomass Collaborative

California Biomass Energy Alliance

Sustainable Conservation

Oak Ridge National Laboratory – “Billion Ton Study”

For more information on Solar, go to:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

California Energy Commission

California Public Utilities Commission

Solar Buzz

Solar Power Conference 2006

For more information on fuel cell cars and fuel cell technology, go to:

California Fuel Cell Partnership

National Fuel Cell Research Center

Fuel Cell Today

To learn more about organizations and businesses featured in our show:

Great Valley Center


PowerUP! Business Plan Competition

California Lighting Technology Center

UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center


Pacific Ethanol

On Site Power Systems

Treasure Homes (zero energy homes)

Team Solar

California Fuel Cell Partnership

Jadoo Power Systems

For more information on California's Bioenergy Action Plan, go to:

For more information on economic development in the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley:



Clean Energy
Produced and written by Stacy Waters




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