New Valley 207
Art for Our Sake

With the budget of the California Arts Council slashed from $18 million to less than $2 million, the Golden State now ranks 50th -- the lowest in the nation -- on per capita arts spending.

Many regard the arts as simply a luxury to be enjoyed when other priorities have been met. But studies show that the arts are a powerful economic engine -- and many Valley communities now see creativity as the key to prosperity.

In this New Valley, we'll visit Fresno, where a consortium of artisans and businesspeople are working together to build a "creative community" to lure talent from around the country. We'll travel to Tulare County, where an innovative murals project is drawing accolades - and tourist dollars. And we'll see the vital role arts play in educating our children.

Join us for New Valley: Art for Our Sake!

Wednesday, June 30th

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Creative Fresno
Produced by J. Greenberg

Small Town Art
Produced by Bryan Shadden

Art Education
Produced by Pat McConahay

Art in Our Future
Produced by Sorrell Fowler


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