New Valley 206
Divided We Stand

In the coming decades, the Central Valley will experience a population boom unprecedented for a region of its size and development -- doubling from 6 million today to 12 million by 2040. And that growth will be accompanied by seismic shifts in the Valley’s demographic composition.

In the next New Valley, we’ll find out what being a “majority minority” region means for the many cultures that call the Valley home. We’ll see how a growing senior population - soon to make up a fifth of all Valley residents - is giving back to new generations. We’ll profile efforts to make our rural areas more competitive and prosperous in the changing global economy. And we’ll survey the contributions made -- and the challenges faced -- by gays and lesbians in our region.

Join us for New Valley: Divided We Stand!

Friday, April 23
8:30pm - 9:00pm

Encores Tuesday, April 27

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Hans Johnson
Demographer, PPIC


Produced by Sorrell Fowler

Produced by Pat McConahay

Produced by Bryan Shadden

Out in the Valley
Produced by J. Greenberg


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