New Valley 205
Give Me Shelter!

Owning a home: it's the foundation of the American Dream. But that dream could prove a nightmare to the Central Valley -- the fastest growing region in the state -- as land is swallowed up to provide for a surging population, and sprawl threatens to choke off our urban centers.

In this edition of New Valley, we examine a bold new program for "smart growth" in the Central Valley...profile attention-getting alternatives to single-family detached homes...and discover some of the unique challenges facing senior citizens in the housing market. We visit cities such as Chico, Davis, Hughson, and Suisun City to see how civic leaders, citizens, and developers are designing their futures.

As we plan for the coming decades, the Central Valley has an opportunity to become a model for sustainable communities - but are we willing to build and live "denser"? Tune in and find out on New Valley: Give Me Shelter!



Blueprint Project
Produced by Bryan Shadden

Housing Alternatives
Produced by Sorrell Fowler

Senior Housing
Produced by Corita Gravitt


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