Highway 99
Produced by Jerry Blair


If a highway can be considered a cultural asset, Highway 99 is the road of choice in the Central Valley, and Great Valley Center President Carol Whiteside is intent on bringing back the luster to this 'ribbon of highway'. By revitalizing the green, she wants to kick start the effort to restore 99 to respectability.

Valley history and cultural diversity thrive along its shoulders. But perhaps even more so where it intersects with Highway 152, site of the Mammoth Orange.

Owner Doris Stiggins considers the aging roadside stand a cultural symbol. But make no mistake, it is also a thriving business.

Renovation to this section of the highway is threatening to close off access to the Mammoth Orange, but Doris Stiggins is cautiously optimistic about its future. Doris may like her chances, but bemoans some of the cultural changes our growth is causing -- particularly to the architectural landmarks of our region's past...


Carol Whiteside
President, Great Valley Center

Doris Stiggins
Owner, Mammoth Orange


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