New Valley 204
Lost & Found

What image comes to mind when you hear the words "Central Valley"? Incredibly fertile farmland? The Gold Rush and its legacy? Perhaps a region struggling with its economy and its identity.

In this edition of New Valley, we take stock of our cultural and natural resources -- the landmarks and assets that define our region. We'll see what efforts are underway to preserve our heritage for future generations and meet some of the people charged with protecting our landscape, our architecture, our artifacts, and our history.

The neglected Highway 99 offers a lesson in what is at stake when we don't conserve our resources, and how difficult it is to restore what has already been lost. Along its route, we'll see efforts underway to preserve the Valley's rich architectural promote the historic work of the Valley's Latino keep our "urban jungles" truly green...and to capture life in the Valley through songs and spoken words. Don't miss New Valley: Lost and Found!



Highway 99
Produced by Jerry Blair

Preserving Places
Produced by Tim Robinson

Latino Art
Produced by Pat McConahay

Urban Trees
Produced by Sorrell Fowler

Sounds of the Valley
Produced by J. Greenberg


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