New Valley 203
The Green Machine


For a century and a half, it has been the backbone of our economy -- and more importantly, it has defined who we are. The Valley has fed California, America, and the world.

So why are so many Valley farmers struggling -- or even throwing in the towel? Some farms have succumbed to urban sprawl. Others can't access or afford the resources they need...

Global competition...strict regulations...stagnant prices. It often seems there are more reasons to get out of farming than to stay in.

Yes, times are tough...but so are Valley farmers.

In this episode of New Valley, we'll discover innovations in science and spirit are keeping many Valley farmers competitive -- and prosperous. And we'll see that we all have a stake in their success.

Join us for a look at what it takes to keep the "Green Machine" running.



Ag Innovation
Produced by J. Greenberg

Family Farming
Produced by Jen Fischer

Growing Organic
Produced by Jerry Blair

Produced by Pat McConahay


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