New Valley 202
A Tale of Two Valleys


It was the best of times.

The stock market was defying gravity...unemployment hit a 30 year low...and millions realized the dream of owning their own home. You could stick a "dot-com" after just about anything, and strike it rich.

But for much of the Valley, the boom...was a bust. It wasn't the worst of times -- just business as usual. Double-digit unemployment. Insufficient services. Aging infrastructures. And a nagging sense that the "Breadbasket of the World" was getting stale.

After the bubble burst, towns up and down the Valley realized they can't afford to miss out on the next "Next Big Thing." In this New Valley, we visit two cities, similar in size and age - but little else. One has turned its economic challenges into opportunities. The other hopes to lure new businesses to employ and support its surging population. Tonight the people who live and work in these cities will tell their tale in their own words. It's "A Tale of Two Valleys."




Grass Valley


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