New Valley 201
Planes, Trains, & the Shipping News

Look at a map of the Central Valley and you'll see the history of its growth is easy to chart. Cities and towns first sprang up along the river routes leading from the Bay Area and the Delta. Later, radiating railway lines became arms that cradled burgeoning communities up and down the Valley. As we rush headlong into this new millennium, how are the region's growth patterns changing -- and how can we ensure that our communities remain connected to the outside world, and to each other?

New Valley kicks off its new season by taking stock of our transportation infrastructure. Can our ports continue to meet the demands of our growing population -- particularly in this age of heightened security? Will the Central Valley become a leader in mass transit by building a state-of-the-art high speed rail system? And are our airports keeping pace with other terminals across the country? Join us on a journey by air, land, and sea as New Valley surveys "Planes, Trains, and the Shipping News."



Joel Garreau
Futurist/Author of Edge City


The Shipping News
Produced by Jerry Blair & J. Greenberg

Rail History
Produced by Mike Sanford

High-Speed Rail
Produced by Pat McConahay

Produced by Jen Fischer & Pam Turse


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