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Mike Ziegler
President & CEO, PRIDE Industries

Profile produced by Jen Fischer


It's been written that meeting Mike Ziegler is like shaking hands with a tornado. From gracing the cover of business magazines… to mingling with big time celebrities, this man knows how to make a lasting impression.

As President and CEO of PRIDE Industries, Ziegler is the man charged with keeping the company's mission statement alive. That statement is simple: create jobs for people with disabilities.

When Ziegler took the reigns in 1983, about 90% of PRIDE's revenue came from government subsidies and grants. Fast-forward 20 years and now 99% comes from sales for services rendered to companies such as Intel and the United States government.

Now thousands of people earn their paycheck by performing such jobs as inserting candy wrappers for client Sherry's Berries. Thanks to Ziegler's leadership and sharp business skills, this former entrepreneur has turned PRIDE into the largest employer of people with disabilities in America.

Despite his hands-on approach, Ziegler still finds time to volunteer. He recently convinced the Sacramento Metro Chamber to make "regional cooperation" their number one goal. But PRIDE is still Ziegler's own top priority.


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