New Valley 109
Making the Grade

Our Central Valley has become a focal point for growth in California. It is seen by many as the region that could serve as a template for smart growth throughout the state. It's about potential.

But beneath that potential are some disturbing educational issues that can blur the future of the New Valley as a vital, diversified region with a thriving workforce. Overcrowded classrooms, teachers in short supply, and language barriers, lagging college preparation. All are serious points of concern as we look toward future growth.

If the valley is to meet expectations our workforce is going to have to be well educated and positioned to handle the demands the 21st century will present. It's the "well educated" aspect of the formula that is the concern of this edition of New Valley. Are we Making The Grade?


The Master Plan
Produced by Pat McConahay

Bilingual Education
Produced by Jen Fischer

Produced by J. Greenberg

College Prep
Produced by Jerry Blair


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