New Valley 108
Refuge or Ruin

Picture our sunrise drifting up from the Central Valley as it could conceivably appear in the valley of 2040...imagine the capitol city skyline that has all but disappeared from view in the valley of our future...and envision a drought of power that on a regular basis brings our lives to a standstill for hours at a time.

When we look at the effect our escalating growth is having on finite resources the Central Valley's future doesn't look so rosy.

At what point do we start making changes to the way we are growing in the Central Valley? When is the best time to reconsider what we're doing to the valuable resources the valley provides?

There's no time like the present to begin thinking about what we want our New Valley to be: refuge, or ruin...


Produced by Jerry Blair

Produced by J. Greenberg

Produced by Jennifer Fischer

Produced by Pat McConahay


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