New Valley 107
The Heartbeat of Healthcare

When we talk about healthcare in the Central Valley, we first must ask: which Valley are we referring to?

Is it the Valley known for biological breakthroughs and high tech-innovation, where cutting-edge companies compete, and renowned medical centers flourish?

Or is it that other Valley…of isolated communities fighting for access to specialized medicine? A Valley facing grave shortages of nurses and pharmacists, with rates of uninsured significantly higher than the national average…

As we take the pulse of healthcare in the Valley, will we find it quickening in anticipation of the next medical marvel…or fading from the strain of too much demand on too few resources?

We hope you'll join us for the next half hour, as New Valley monitors "The Heartbeat of Healthcare."

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The Uninsured
Produced by Jennifer Fischer

Rural Medicine
Produced by Pat McConahay

Produced by Jerry Blair

Prescription Drugs
Produced by J. Greenberg


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