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Family Values
Produced by Jerry Blair, Jennifer Fischer,
J. Greenberg, and Pat McConahay

Are the new economies up and down the Valley really reflective of who we are? What does a "new economy" mean to the people who live here? In search of answers, we polled families living in the shadow of "New Valley economies."

Susan and Kai Wong have been married for 20 years, and live in Sacramento. They have two adopted children: Katie, seven, from China, and three-year old Hannah from Vietnam. Kai has worked for a computer firm for five years. Susan is a substitute teacher and works part-time at Coldwater Creek clothing store.

Charlene Archuleta is the single mother of two-and-a-half year old Naomi. They have a one-bedroom apartment in Sacramento and Charlene works as an office receptionist.

Rob and Shirlee Fong have a home in the capitol city. He is a lawyer; she is a Director of Marketing and Communications for AT&T Broadband. They have two children, eight and three-years old.


The Wongs:

Charlene Archuleta

The Fongs:


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