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Produced by Jerry Blair

It's the largest population area of the state that's not served by a U.C. campus: three and a half million people from Stockton to Bakersfield, expected to grow to ten million people by the year 2020. Enter: the University of California, Merced -- a grand plan with grand goals. What is currently a golf course and pastureland will be a full-blown campus by mid-century.

An eventual campus of 2,000 acres -- and a population of nearly 31,000 students, faculty, and staff -- could cause stressful moments for Merced. But the city appears prepared and already seems to be undergoing a metamorphosis in anticipation of the growth.

A wireless provider has opened up an Internet café. Add a new Cineplex theater and the obligatory Starbucks into the mix and the rejuvenation of downtown Merced is well underway. But in a region with a notorious disparity between rich and poor, will the economic rainbow hovering over Merced translate to a better quality of life for those who live here?


Bill Cahill
Assistant City Manager, Merced

James Grant
Dir. of Communications, UC Merced

Patty Istas
Public Information Officer, UC Merced


The complete text of New Valley Episode 106 -- Help Wanted...


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