New Valley 104
In the Fast Lane

Looking at it from an airborne vantage, our great Central Valley doesn't change much topographically. But this great central plain of California has serious limitations when faced with unprecedented population growth. It's projected that 11 million citizens will be vying for space here by the year 2040, all of them wanting to get from "here to there."

Accommodating the needs at all community and regional levels places speed bumps at every turn. But with the valley at a crossroads in growth planning, transportation investments made now will have a sweeping impact on how the region will develop.

There are some serious deadlines on the horizon that must be met and the Central Valley is in the fast lane looking for answers...


Number Crunching
Produced by Melissa Crowley

A Train in Our Future
Produced by Pat McConahay

What's the Alternative?
Produced by Midori Sperandeo

Back to the Blackboard
Produced by Jennifer Fischer

The Great Race
Produced by J. Greenberg


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