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The Learning Curve
Produced by Melissa Crowley

An overview of the Central Valley reveals a region that shares similar concerns with other parts of the state: rapid growth, congestion and maintaining quality of life. A booming population accompanying the Valley's growth has also filled classrooms to capacity, making an equal education for all a challenge in itself.

There are also educational issues unique to the Central Valley. Students from different backgrounds are a tribute to the diversity of the Central Valley, but they often have greater language or educational needs. Experts say the earlier these needs are met, the better.

There is also the problem of the Central Valley's so-called "digital divide" -- the highest in the state. Innovative partnerships with the private sector help, so do cutting edge classes like "Digital TV" at Sacramento's McClatchy high school. But much more is needed to interest and prepare kids for technical skills they need in today's economy.

Some of the best performing schools are found in the Valley...but so are some of the lowest. Experts believe as the region grows, so must support for its educational system; the valley's future success depends on it. Teachers say that while resources are tight and challenges numerous, they are surmountable -- and each child is worth it.


Delaine Eastin
Superintendent of Public Instruction


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