New Valley 101
Preserving the Dream

It's larger in area than 10 states and exceeds 20 states in population. It ranks ninth in the nation in the growth of that population which is now pushing six million…

It's a huge basin 450 miles long, and 60-miles wide. Forty-two thousand square miles of arguably the most productive land on earth…

But if it is the most productive it is also the most endangered. The Central Valley of California is being "loved" to death…

In the path of unprecedented growth California's great valley appears to be slowly smothering. Stifled by an evolution that is threatening its fertile acreage, its Mediterranean climate is in danger of choking under a cover of pollution and its resources diminishing to a trickle…

From Bakersfield to Redding there is a fear that the cancer of undisciplined growth is metastasizing in the form of strip malls, shopping centers and housing tracts. And there is an unease that the cornucopia of California is under siege…

The American Farmland Trust crunched the numbers and projected the valley's fate into a crowded and less fertile future. By 2040, claims the Trust, more than one million acres of cultivated land will be lost. The state legislature has formed the "Smart Growth Caucus" to craft growth policy. Housing, urban revitalization, education and transportation issues are being scrutinized. And, while legislators grapple, some valley towns have already put the brakes on growth, while others are unable to stop it…


Kevin Starr
State Librarian-Historian

Carol Whiteside
President, Great Valley Center

Bill Pauli
President, California Farm Bureau


Growing Pains
Produced by Michael Isip

Priced Out
Produced by Jennifer Fischer

Living Off the Land
Produced by J. Greenberg

The Learning Curve
Produced by Melissa Crowley


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