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KVIE is far more than television. In fact, we don't think of ourselves as being in the business of television. Our business, rather, is really about ideas, learning, arts and culture, and citizenship. Television is simply the means by which we deliver these resources to our community.

As a public service, we profit by improving the community in which we depend for support. We succeed to the extent that our children learn, our viewers become engaged in matters that concern them, and those within our communities join together in a common cause.





KVIE Productions

ViewFinder KVIE Public Media ViewFinder takes a closer look at interesting topics that are important to you. It's the only locally produced series about your community.
America's Heartland   America’s Heartland is a magazine-style, half-hour series celebrating our nation’s agriculture.
Studio Sacramento   Studio Sacramento is a weekly series that asks questions, invites opinions, and seeks answers for the topics and issues that matter to you right here in the region we all love and call home.
Rob on the Road   Rob on the Road explores the stories that capture the unique spirit of Northern California.
  KVIE Arts Showcase is a weekly series that takes you across the nation to meet artists of all kinds. Come with us as we experience America’s most interesting and talented artists.
  Yes! We’re Open introduces you to people who saw an opportunity to realize their ambitions and take their lives in an entirely different direction. Meet the entrepreneurs who said goodbye to their “9 to 5” jobs, realized their dreams, and tapped into their creative spirit.



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