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The Arts Alive series is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Award of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.


KVIE is far more than television. In fact, we don't think of ourselves as being in the business of television. Our business, rather, is really about ideas, learning, arts and culture, and citizenship. Television is simply the means by which we deliver these resources to our community.

As a public service, we profit by improving the community in which we depend for support. We succeed to the extent that our children learn, our viewers become engaged in matters that concern them, and those within our communities join together in a common cause.





Arts Alive

Arts Alive is one of KVIE Public Television's signature series dedicated to sharing the work of unique artists, and highlighting community arts organizations and events in the greater Sacramento region.

Arts Alive: Amazing Artists Arts Alive: Amazing Artists
KVIE's Rob Stewart introduces you to some of our region's most talented people. Gregory Kondos, one of the greatest landscape painters of our time, shares both his studio and his thoughts on what inspires his amazing art. We meet Melinda Watts, a Sacramento woman recently recognized as one of the nation's top emerging gospel singers. A young photographer named Daniel Rebert shows how photography and art helped him triumph over childhood trauma. And "performance artist" David Garibaldi works his magic on canvas with dazzling artistic flare.
Arts Alive: The Banjo-ologist Arts Alive: The Banjo-ologist
He has the storytelling skills of Mark Twain and a historian’s love of old-time music! This program introduces you to Gordy Ohliger, who has dazzled local audiences with his funky, old-time minstrel songs, 1800s ragtime, 1920s jazz, bluegrass, and novelty vaudeville.
Arts Alive: Second Saturday Arts Alive: Second Saturday
It's one of Sacramento's best-loved and most popular downtown events! Each month thousands of art lovers come from all over for Second Saturday, a lively celebration of art, music, and food in Sacramento's Midtown.
Arts Alive: Student Artists Arts Alive: Student Artists
In Arts Alive: Student Artists we'll explore how students at local high school animation studio are creating work that you'd think came out of Hollywood, see the efforts from a group of kids who are making inspiring local documentaries, get a look inside the region's newest art university and you'll meet a young man who's breaking stereotypes as the youngest member in a local barbershop chorus.
Arts Alive: Rock History Arts Alive: Rock History
Sacramento's rock 'n' roll history is rich and varied. This special Arts Alive program recalls some of the great musicians and outstanding bands that began and thrived right here in the River City, including The New Breed, Blue Cheer, Tesla, and many others. You'll meet some of rock's biggest stars who hail from our region, including Sal Valentino of the Beau Brummels, Timothy Schmidt of the Eagles, Craig Chaquico of Jefferson Starship, Jeff Watson of Night Ranger, and Jackie Greene. Narrated by local radio host Kitty O'Neal, whose 80s fame includes being in the local 80's band Secret Service. Local blues musician Mick Martin and music critic David Barton share their expertise on the local music scene.
Arts Alive: Portraits in Time Arts Alive: Portraits in Time
As the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi, the Crocker has a rich and fabled history. Founded by E.B. Crocker in 1885, the museum has grown in collection size and prominence. ViewFinder looks back at the colorful and philanthropic family, the history of the museum, the acclaimed collections, and its current ambitious expansion.
Arts Alive: Music Arts Alive: Music
It's what makes a celebration and enriches education. It inspires us, and brings our community together. Of course, we're talking about music! It enriches our lives in so many ways, it's hard to imagine a world without it. Fortunately, we don't have to, for the Sacramento region is a hotbed of musical talent in every genre imaginable. So join us as we take a tour of the Valley's musical landscape, exploring everything from the third oldest orchestra in California to an improvisational group that has played over 400 shows but never with the same line-up twice! So whatever your tastes, this edition of Arts Alive is sure to be music to your ears!
Arts Alive: Dance! Culture in Motion Arts Alive: Dance! Culture in Motion
Dance is an activity most cultures have in common. This documentary profiles powerful Japanese taiko drumming, Mexican folk dancing, Appalachian clogging, and then takes you on a spin around the dance floor with salsa, tango, and dance styles from Africa and Southeast Asia. Funded in part by the Sacramento Cultural Arts Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.
Arts Alive: Healing Arts Arts Alive: Healing Arts
It can be beautiful, expressive, insightful and symbolic, but for many artists and organizations art means something more...it can heal. In this episode the term "healing arts" takes on several meanings. It can strengthen memories from the past, help build bridges of understanding, communicate messages of hope, and maybe most importantly, it can strengthen the social bonds that make our community a place worth living. In Arts Alive: Healing Arts we'll see the photographic work of the Heart Gallery, an organization that displays heart-warming photos of children awaiting adoption. We'll visit Very Special Arts, a group whose mission is to provide educational opportunities in the arts for kids of all abilities. And, we'll see how art is strengthening memory and communication skills in patients with Alzheimer's, plus much more.
Arts Alive: Hands On! Arts Alive: Hands On!
Join us as we visit arts organizations that encourage their audiences to get involved. You'll meet everyday people who are making art a part of their lives. Check out "Chalk It Up!" - Sacramento's annual sidewalk festival where students work side-by-side with established artists and community members and organizations are encouraged to participate. Then meet the young painters of a one-of-a-kind "paws on" arts program. Discover these stories and more on Arts Alive! Funded in part by the Sacramento Cultural Arts Awards Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.
Arts Alive: Kids Arts Alive: Kids
Kids say it all the time,"there's nothing to do!" In the arts there are plenty of things going on in Sacramento. Come along as we show you several ideas for keeping kids enlightened and entertained this summer: marching in a high-stepping band, ride along with the Crocker Museum's Art Ark, and volunteering for community service.
Arts Alive: Legacy Artists Arts Alive: Legacy Artists
Inspired by our region’s rich landscape and golden light, a number of seminal artists have provided phenomenal support to our local art community, as well as the community at large. These artists are known nationally and internationally, and are admired not only for their work, but also for their huge influence as educators in our major university art programs. These artists are Sacramento’s art legacy. In this special edition of Arts Alive, we’ll meet painters Gregory Kondos, Wayne Thiebaud, and Alan Post, and sculptors Ruth Rippon and Helen Post to explore their work and its impact on art and life in the Sacramento region.
Arts Alive: Neighborhoods Arts Alive: Neighborhoods
Sacramento is putting the arts to work! In this edition of Arts Alive, we visit neighborhoods throughout the city to see how the arts are playing a major role in their revitalization. Along the way, we’ll meet some local artists.
Arts Alive: Alternative Visions Arts Alive: Alternative Visions
In this edition of Arts Alive, the focus is on local artists who either work in an unusual medium or have a slightly skewed perspective that comes out in their art. ViewFinder finds out about artists who make enormous metal sculptures for the State Fair, uses fabric to create incredibly intricate murals, and the story of a painter who emigrated from China. Plus we’ll profile quirky artists in Sacramento, including a local filmmaker, a fashion designer, and a maker of art cars.



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