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Community Engagement

Parents & Caregivers



Visit kviekids.org
KVIE provides a safe place for children to explore, play, and learn. Discover kviekids.org with your child today.

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PBS Parents is a trusted resource that’s filled with information on child development and early learning. It also serves as a parent's window to the world of PBS KIDS, offering access to educational games and activities inspired by PBS KIDS programs.

Children’s programming on KVIE provides families with a truly educational experience they cannot find anywhere else. As children watch, they explore developmentally appropriate topics such as math, science, and literacy along with their favorite PBS Kids characters, discovering new worlds and ideas with each new episode. Click here to learn more about the educational value of PBS children’s programming.

KVIE demonstrates its commitment to families by providing direct community outreach across the region. In 2011, KVIE coordinated over 100 workshops, offering parents, caregivers, and educators concrete tools and resources that help them discover anytime is learning time.

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KVIE’s education services are supported by

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